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The importance of peace in life

The importance of peace in life

The concept of peace

Peace in its broad concept means not only the disappearance of conflict and rivalry, but it can require the establishment of a vocabulary, values, attitudes and customs based on full respect for the principles of sovereignty, fundamental freedoms and human rights, dialogue and cooperation between peoples and multiculturalism, and the renunciation of the culture of power. People to make choices against their will 

The importance of peace in the life of the individual

The role of peace, reconciliation and compassion in everyday life can never be neglected; man has been created to live in peace, security and tranquility, not created to be killed and annihilated, and what can be achieved in times of peace is more than what can be achieved in bloody conflicts, wars and human disasters

According to the German psychiatrist Alfred Adler, the human race has a unique characteristic: to transform the negative into the positive, and this attribute can only be achieved by the psychological stability achieved by peace. War and destruction are an obstacle to human development, because it stops its causes of tranquility, tranquility and stability

When a person can maintain peace at all times, many possibilities open up to him, and this is what happens when a negative is turned into a positive

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