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center’s work plan for 2024

In continuation of the success achieved by the OFUQ ALSALAM ALDUWALI (OSD) Center in the United Arab Emirates, headed by Dr. Taghrid Zuhdi Mohamed, member of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs and Sustainable Development / United Nations #21417 #476942, which holds golden accreditation from the International Accreditation Organization, the University of Houston, America, and is accredited by the Knowledge Authority. Dubai, educational number 629102, a member of the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation and the Department of Economic Development, and the mandate of the International Federation of World Peace Organizations since its founding, which culminated in more success in 2023 with the center obtaining a consultative status in the United Nations and registering it in the lists of non-governmental organizations in the records of the United Nations, and this opens the horizon for it. To work under the umbrella of the United Nations

The Center’s Board of Directors and the Advisory Council decided to discuss the submitted research and grant certificates. The Center has a systematic plan for work in the field of development and modernization, divided into four stages as an interconnected series. Below we review with you the work plan for the first quarter of 2024

Opening many training courses under the supervision of academic trainers specialized in implementing these courses for the programs approved by the center, and they will be announced successively, noting that the certificates granted at the end of each course are recognized locally and internationally. For more details about these programs, please visit our website.

Continuing to sign new agreements and partnerships with local institutions, universities and a number of international non-governmental organizations that are in the interest of local communities

Work to implement the programs and initiatives granted to the center by the United Nations to serve communities inside and outside the country. These programs and initiatives will be announced in a timely manner on our website.

Participate in international conferences called by the United Nations, in person or online

Paying attention to programs to empower women, people with disabilities, and youth because they are the main source of the labor market worldwide

Working within the United Nations urgent response plan to provide assistance at a timely manner and in any place, with funding from the United Nations

For more information, please visit our website

Dr. Taghrid Zuhdi Mohamed

President and Founder of the OFUQ ALSALAM ALDUWALI (OSD) Center

Chairman of the Advisory Council for Research and Certification

Member of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development / United Nations #21417 #476942

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