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OFUQ ALSALAM ALDUWALI (OSD) Center Member of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development / United Nations #21417 #476942 and  Aida Media launch the “Fruit of Goodness” initiative to support orphans and needy families

The “Fruit of Goodness” initiative was launched yesterday to distribute food and clothing to orphans, their mothers, and needy families in the country, under the sponsorship of the Horizon of Peace International Center in Dubai, and Aida Media Company in the Emirates

Dr. Taghrid Zuhdi Mohamed, President of the OFUQ ALSALAM ALDUWALI (OSD) Center in Dubai, said in press statements that the initiative comes in partnership with the journalist Aida Al-Qamsh, and is a continuation of the efforts of the International Peace Horizon Center and the achievement of its humanitarian goals, and an affirmation of the principles upon which the Center is based in establishing the principles of peace, peace and volunteer work. And human values that are in line with the directions of the United Nations, especially at the level of humanitarian work with participation, solidarity, compassion, empathy and respect for others

Dr. Taghrid Zuhdi Mohamed indicated that during the past five years, the Center helped refugees and needy people in a number of countries, and the largest share of this humanitarian work with people with disabilities, orphans, and the elderly was directed to Syrian refugees in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to improve their economic and material situation, and the Center is still launching such as These initiatives and assistance, he also launched two initiatives together, one in Sudan to distribute winter aid to the poor and needy, and the second in Jordan to distribute wheelchairs to people with disabilities, in addition to his participation in many initiatives within the country with his strategic partners

Dr. Taghrid Zuhdi Mohamed , President and Founder of the OFUQ ALSALAM ALDUWALI (OSD) Center, also added that the number of beneficiaries of the Center’s services since its founding is approximately 50,000, fifty thousand beneficiaries in several countries since its founding until today, and there are still many humanitarian initiatives in its pipeline that will be launched during this year

For her part, media personality Aida Al-Qamsh renewed her thanks and pride in cooperating with the OFUQ ALSALAM ALDUWALI (OSD) Center, and said that the “Fruits of Goodness” initiative aims to make a valuable segment of society happy, and is one of the humanitarian initiatives that “Aida Media” and its partners seek to implement, in order to deepen the values of communication and giving. Social services in various countries, and within the framework of social responsibility, and stressed the importance of the role of solidarity in spreading and deepening the bonds of love in societies, in a way that supports our efforts to spread hope, promote positive values and establish joy and happiness in the hearts of orphan children in particular

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OFUQ ALSALAM ALDUWALI (OSD) Center Member of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development / United Nations #21417 #476942

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